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Beyond The Veil Of Darkness was created in 2012. The show is all about the paranormal. We talk about haunted locations and the newest paranormal investigation gear. There are times we will discuss other things that aren't paranormal related.
Meet The Host
My name is Jason Beilchick I am originally Pittsburgh, PA. I grew up in haunted house and I first realized I had abilities that I could see spirits and sense peoples emotions. I just found out I have the ability to heal people which i am starting to master my abilities and make them strong.

When I was 13 years old my first full bodied spirit was of my father, who passed away at 47 years old. I saw him plain as day and he came to me and told me that is looking out for me. He also wanted me to tell my mom that he loves her very much. From that point on i have been able to help spirits and people who were being haunted.

In 1996 I formed my own paranormal group. It was just me until I moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2002. In 2007 my group began to grow and have close friends who have joined my group. All of my team members have their own unique abilities. We are able to help a lot of people who have come to us with their hauntings. We have made some really good friends in the paranormal community.
Jason Beilchick
Sunday 6PM - 8PM EST