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Shawn Stowe is the owner of Inspirational Talent Management, a client management company that books inspirational clients out to events. Shawn previously had a successful radio show called Walk in the Darkness on Blog Talk Radio but left it because something seemed to be missing. After going through her own self transformation in which she lost 100 pounds in under a year, she became an inspiration to many people who followed her journey. Shawn decided to revamp her company from Ingenuity Talent & Media to Inspirational Talent Management. Shawn had finally found her calling which was to work with people who genuinely wanted to help people and change the world one step at a time. Inspirational Talent Radio is Shawn’s opportunity to help people all over the world to get the answers they are looking for to reach their goals and know the steps they need to take in order to make their dreams become reality. Inspirational Talent radio will deal with all types of topics including religion, veganism, fitness and women empowerment just to name a few. Shawn is looking forward to taking all of her listeners on a fantastic journey. It’s going to be an amazing ride!!!
Shawn Stowe
Friday 9PM - 10PM EST