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Keeping the Spirits Alive! Classic, join us Wednesday nights at 7pm for some of the best shows from the history of Keeping the Spirits Alive! Join hosts John Tobin and Chip Reichenthal as we take a walk back through the KTSA vault and relive the ghosts of KTSA past!
Meet The Hosts
John is the host of KTSA and the John Tobin Show. He is also the founder of Glory Haunt Hounds, Paranormal Network and a national lecturer on the topic of preserving history and alternate energy ghost theory. John has been connected to the Paranormal since the age of 3, and it has followed him ever since. For more information on John, please see www.gloryhaunthounds.com

Chip is the Co Host for KTSA. Chip has years of metaphysical experience and is also a gifted wordsmith. His weekly Chipism is an insightful look at the world and people around us, in Chip's eyes. He brings many years of broadcasting and entertainment experience to the table.
John Tobin and Chip Reichenthal
Wednesday Night 7PM - 8PM EST