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Christopher George is just like the guy next door, provided that guy is a gifted psychic medium, healer, exorcist, paranormal investigator metaphysical teacher and radio and television celebrity! Approachable, friendly and with a heart of gold, Chris is really the "everyman" psychic. He cares about people and wants to help them on their life path while dispelling fear and shedding light on spirits and the afterlife. Chris is straightforward and shares all the information that spirit provides. You will often hear him say Don't ask me a question that you really don't want an answer to. He doesn't sugarcoat but anyone who follows the advice he channels during readings will benefit from the other-worldly guidance, insights and information. World famous, Chris has performed spiritual cleansing and exorcisms on two continents. He is creator and host of his own Second Sight cable show. His Second Sight NYC radio show has a weekly listenership of more than 750,000! Chris has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including Maury, The Psychic Eye, Intentions TV, Absoluteleigh, Visions Into Tomorrow and has been a regular guest on Famed Psychic Joyce Keller's show. He is presently in negotiations with the Sci-Fy Cable Network to create and star in a new show! Chris is founder and lead investigator of "Second Sight Paranormal", a Staten Island, New York, based team that has done scores of investigations. Clairaudient and clairvoyant Chris' talents include: Psychic Medium and Channel, Seances, Spiritual Healing & Circles, Exorcisms and Removal of Attachments, Aura Readings, Space Clearings, Psychic Development Teacher, as well as Hosting Psychic and Paranormal Events.

I am Gina "The Para Fox" Bengtson- A Paranormal Investigator, and Radio Personality. Possessing Claire audience and Claire cognizant. I consider myself a ghost magnet, as the spirits love to communicate when they are treated with the utmost respect. Over the years I have captured a multitude of compelling photographic and audio evidence! I am Co-Host with Psychic Medium Chris George: at Second Sight Radio broadcasting every Thursday evening from 8-10 est on Dtmwickedradio.com & I Heart Radio We interview a variety of guests in the paranormal and metaphysical Communities. https://m.facebook.com/Second-Sight-1524672551106900/ I am founder and lead investigator at GB Investigations https://m.facebook.com/GBfoxInvestigates/ I am a partner and Co-Founder of CEE & GEE Productions we host the annual themed "Para Parties" and offer home and larger Psychic/Para events- teaching classes such as : Psychic Development Channeling 101 Pranic Healing 101 Paranormal 101 As well as Chris George's own unique " Psychic Poker" a fun way to get a reading utilizing several decks of Tarrot type cards while I teach Paranormal Investigating 101--https://m.facebook.com/CEE-GEE-Productions-998131456915506/ Second Sight Paranormal Team / Chris George Psychic Medium, Gina Bengtson , Lead Investigator and case manager, Tom Gillissie, also lead and tech guru! I am Partner and Co- Founder of the ParaMafia- The God Father of Psychic Mediums Chris George, Gina "Para Fox' Bengtson, and Ghengis Tom Gillissie We are a large and growing "ParaMafia Famiglia " https://m.facebook.com/ParaMafia/ Gina is one of the leads for The "555' Paranormal Productions" 5 Para-Psychics as tour guides and lead investigators, film crew, psychics and paranormalists. 5 hour paranormal investigations at historic locations/ 5 cameras, as the film crew develops footage for YOUR highlight video which is a 45 min DVD to be mailed to the attendees. https://www.facebook.com/the555Investigations/ Currently adding Vision Quest Live to the line up! Tuesday Nights 8-9 est with Psychic Medium Chris George where we will do Live Interviews on many subjects both in and out of the paranormal fields. https://m.facebook.com/visionquestlive/
Christopher George and Gina Bengtson
Thursday 8PM - 10PM EST